Warjakka3D is a research project to recreate some of the houses from old Varjakka as 3D digital models, and place these models virtually on the old foundations. Using the Warjakka App on a smartphone, you can explore what the houses looked like 100 years ago – inside and out.

The houses can be switched from old-style interiors and become gallery spaces for artwork created as part of the Warjakan Tarinat project and Warjakka Artists Residency programme.

The free app is currently available on the Google Play Store and The App Store, and the houses and exhibitions are installed at Finninkatu 102 and Kukonkatu 72.

3D render of Finninkatu 102 as it might have looked in 1925

Click on the image below and you can use your mouse and keyboard to navigate around this model (work in progress)
W A S D or Arrow Keys = move around – click and drag to rotate

It is also possible to fly around: Click on the marker symbol in the bottom left corner. (To return to walking mode, click the little person and then drop it where you want to start walking.)

Warjakka3D is being created by TaikaBox in collaboration with Ludocraft and Playsign.

Initial research for the technical elements of this project was funded by a DigiDemo grant from AVEK. The pilot is funded by TaikaBox and Oulun Seudun Leader, based on archeological research in collaboration with Tiina Kuokkanen and Oulu University that was funded by the Ministry for Education and Culture.