At the heart of Varjakka harbour is a group of small red fisherman’s huts. Hut number five is owned by a local arts organisation TaikaBox ry, which renovated the building in 2023 to create a communal art space.

KALAMAJA is active in the warm months, from May to September. The small cabin can be a home base for creating or presenting small art projects, from exhibitions and workshops to film screenings and concerts. In addition to the 16 square metres of inside room, the public area outside can also be used. Note: KALAMAJA is not an accommodation space, and we do not provide accommodation.

Throughout July the space is accessible to the public from Mon-Fri, 12:00-18:00.

KALAMAJA is accessible with a wheelchair via ramp. The doorframe is 82cm wide. 


KALAMAJA ART LAB offers artists a possibility to develop their project or process in the peaceful and naturally beautiful Varjakka harbour, surrounded by the sea and forest, and part of the local village community.

KALAMAJA is a renovated fisherman’s hut of 16 square metres. The building does not have running water or sewage, heating, or inbuilt electricity. It is possible to run cable from across the field to provide electricity. In KALAMAJA there are 6 directable light sources and a small table with two benches, one of which can be used as a storage space. Additional furniture can be brought into the hut. KALAMAJA is a space for working or exhibiting art suitable in size, and is not meant for accommodation. Overnight stay can be booked separately from Warjakka Bed & Breakfast, which is located approx. 2 km from Varjakka harbour. A bicycle is available for the artist if required. The artist is responsible for the costs and arranging of any accommodation. 

All professionals from any genre or field of arts are welcome to work in KALAMAJA. The space can be booked from 1 to 4 weeks per artist / workgroup. 

The artists choose how to utilise KALAMAJA – whether to focus on the artistic process, the production and creation of the art, or use the space as an exhibition space. For exhibition only, the maximum time is 2 weeks. 

The space costs 100€ per Art Lab, regardless of the time booked. This cost can be waived if the artist commits to involve communal activity as part of the residency, such as a workshop or event for the local community, open door policy, or other similar activity suitable for local residents and visitors to the area. There is a selection process: We prioritise artists who find community activity meaningful and offer authentic meeting points for the public.

The artist is responsible for keeping the space tidy and organising any possible exhibition (or other events) during the ART LAB residency. TaikaBox can help in reaching out to the local community, and in some cases market the event in the village.





8: Kantele installation

9-30: Available


1-6: Old Oulunsalo – Photographs from the past

8-13: Reflections of CROWD

15-26: Carina Ahlskog & Nea Landin


1-7: Available

8-18: Marginal (Romania)

19-31: Available


1-6: Available

7-13: Radharani Pernarcic (Slovenia)

14-30: Available

Exhibitions and Events

KALAMAJA renovations are supported by a grant from Oulun Seudun Leader and the European Union.