KALAMAJA tech details

Varjakka is about 18km from the centre of Oulu. It takes around 25 minutes by car. The bus service is minimal, with only one or two buses between Oulu and Keskipiiri each day. There is a more frequent bus service between Oulu and Niemenranta. Bicycles can be provided for getting around locally.

The nearest grocery store is in Niemenranta. In the village, Warjakan Bar & Grill serves hot food, and during the Summer months, Hulina Kiosk is open from 12:00 until 18:00 each day in the harbour, serving hot and cold drinks, ice creams and snacks.

There are various footpaths through local forests, and across the nature reserve at Akionsaari. (Franzeninkuja is a private road and Varjakka Manor is not accessible)
The harbour is active, with around 60 small boats docked there throughout the Summer. The beach is ideal for swimming on a hot day. Keys to the cable ferry to Varjakka Island can be hired from Warjakan Bar & Grill.

KALAMAJA is a single-roomed wooden shed situated in a grassy yard in Varjakka Harbour. The shed has six LED spots and two 12A power sockets, all of which work via extension cord to the power supply 60m across the field. There are two windows with protective shutters which can be closed to create a dark space.
KALAMAJA is wheelchair accessible, but the surrounding ground is fairly uneven. The yard contains a fire pit (suitable for grilling) and a picnic table. Toilets are available 100m away at the swimming beach.