Radharani Pernarcic

7th – 13th September 2024

“In the wider frame of a participatory project – Pavilion of Embraces, dedicated to human relations and our shared human story – I carry out a participatory practice with movement and clay. Various groups of people – families, couples, friends, schoolmates, coworkers etc – are invited to participate. I lead them into a playful, 30-60 min long session where they collectively create their own clay sculpture: a relationship materialised in clay. The practice is above all designed and meant to celebrate or explore our relations through a shared and heart-warming experience of being-together… and if some participants may lack another hand to dance with – there is mine for them.

Since the sculpture grows as a spontaneous result of the movement dialogue between hands, no fine art or dancing skills are needed: open hearts have all that is necessary. The practice is suitable for everyone.

The project is also designed as a gift-exchange, so that each participant creates a tiny imprint, given further to an unknown person in another country, and equally receives one. 

In the long-term picture of the project every participant contributes one clay feather into an eagle wing installation and becomes a part of a garden of relationships.” 

July 2023 – Arjen Sankarit

Local Heroes was the first exhibition in KALAMAJA during Summer 2023. TaikaBox worked with Oulu-based photographer J P Manninen to make portraits of some of the Varjakka residents who are active within the local community.