July 2024: Reflections of CROWD


This installation is a compilation of the processes of artistic work in the CROWD project over the years 2021-2023, designed by three young artists: Pontus Linder, Silja Tuovinen and Anni Puuperä, the mentor – Julian Owusu – who worked with them, and the artistic directors of TaikaBox: Tanja Råman and John Collingswood.

TaikaBox participated in the international CROWD – International Dance Exchange program together with 9 other international residency providers. The project focused on the development of working methods and processes based on community dance. Its goal was to deepen the professional skills of the artists who participated in the project and to expand their networks. Each residency participant selected one local artist who worked together with another international artist selected for the project. During the project, TaikaBox ry implemented annual two-week artist residencies in Varjakka. Each artist chosen by TaikaBox also visited one or two other artist residencies offered by an international partner.

The artists were inspired to work in Varjakka by the history of the area and local stories, nature and spending time with members of the community.

2021 – Pontus Linder worked in Varjakka, Nottingham and Cologne, together with Emma Lewis-Jones and Hannah Sampé.
2022 – Silja Tuovinen worked in Varjakka and Limerick, together with Rita Marcalo.
2023 – Anni Puuperä worked in Varjakka, Edinburgh and Glasgow, with Natalia Barua.

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